Requirements for JAPAN visa:

  1. Original passport (must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after travel) with more than 6 blank pages
  2. One recent passport-sized color photos, 4×6 cm, taken against a white background with good quality (taken within the last 6 months). (Please do not re-submit photos used in a previous visa)
  3. Proof of employment. (An original signed and dated official letterhead from place of work) or copy of SIUP & NPWP (Letter of Business Permit & Taxpayer Identification Number Card) if you have a company/store
    • If you have a store/shop and do not have SIUP, attach a statement letter with store/shop stamp and give your signature on the letter.
  4. Applicant’s personal official bank statements for the last 3 months (from the first page ; name and signature, until the last of mutation)
    • If a family will be responsible for sponsoring the trip: birth certificate, marriage certificate or other documents that can explain the relation between you. A signed letter stating sponsorship, ID copy and 3 months bank statement of a person sponsoring the trip should be attached. In addition to the applicant’s bank statement.
    • if the company will be responsible for sponsoring the trip : a letter from company stating that they will cover all costs in addition to your personal bank statements
    • A retired person: a statement letter with signature
  5. Copy of Marriage certificate if traveling with spouse
  6. Copy of KK (Family member certificate)
    • If the name in passport is different from KK (Family member certificate), please provide clarification letter
  7. Copy of National ID Card
  8. If traveling with children under the age of 18, please attach a copy of their UNABRIDGED birth certificate and sign the form on their behalf. Also include a letter of consent allowing them to travel along with your 3 months stamped bank statement, copy of the parent’s marriage certificate, copy of student id card and original official letter from school/university
  9. Copy of Flight ticket & Hotel reservation
  10. A signed visa application form that is filled by applicant, for children/adults who do not have National ID Card, application form is signed by their parents
  11. All statement letters, official company letters and sponsorship letters is provided in English language
  12. Applicant’s handphone number
  13. List of city for applying Japan Visa in Jakarta: Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, Jogjakarta, Central Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, South Sumatra, Bangka Belitung, Bengkulu, Lampung

For Visa Waiver:

  • Original Electronic passport (E-Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after travel) with more than 6 blank pages
  • A signed visa application form that is filled by applicant, for children/adults who do not have National ID Card, application form is signed by their parents
Duration of stay : 15 (fifteen) days
Period of validity : Whichever is the shorter period between either three years or expiration date of the passport (if applied with a passport the validity of which is less than three years)
Time required for registration : Approximately three working days (Registered passport will be returned the next day)
  • An applicant, whose registration for visa waiver was denied, is advised to apply an ordinary visa.


  • Indonesian nationals who do not possess e-passports need to obtain a visa. Since the duration of stay without a visa is limited to 15 days, those who want to stay in Japan more than 15 days or want to work in Japan need to obtain a visa in advance.
  • In case a visitor granted a certificate of visa waiver has obtained a new passport, or their name has been changed, new registration is required.
  • Entry into Japan will be denied upon landing examination unless the visitor has not completed the registration of the e-passport in advance. Registration must be completed beforehand. Please be noted that upon entering Japan, visitors may be asked the purpose of their visit, duration of stay, and/or be requested to present their air ticket to Indonesia or another country. Entry into Japan can be denied following the landing examination
  • Anyone who has been deported from Japan before and is still in a period of denial of landing, or who has violated a law of Japan or other countries and been sentenced to more than one year imprisonment or a penalty equivalent thereto, is not allowed to enter Japan even after the visa waiver is enforced.

Visa Fee :

  1. Visa Fee single entry = IDR 750.000,- ( 7 workdays after application form received by Embassy )
  2. Visa Waiver = IDR 150.000,- ( 4 workdays after application form received by Embassy )


1. Visa Fee is for Tourist Visa, kindly contact us for other Visa Type

2. Visa is being processed after all document is completely received

3. For Group, please send us the documents in two weeks before departure date
4. Embassy has the right to issue visa application or reject it without details of reason

5. Visa fee is non-refundable

6. Visa Fee and requirement documents can be changed without prior notice