What is Klix Tour & Travel ?
Klix Tour & Travel is a travel agent in Jakarta, which is expanding Healthy, Halal and Vegetarian Tour business. Our mission is to give a solution for people to travel with Vegetarian, Vegan or Halal lifestyle by choosing and providing destinations, menus and events that support these lifestyle.
What products are provided by Klix Tour & Travel?
We provide tours with complete details of travel routes with various tourist attractions and prices. For flight ticket and visa details, it will be informed later based on tour package. Klix Travel also serves international and domestic ticket reservations, hotels, transportation, travel documents, private tours and travel insurance.
Why choose Klix Tour & Travel?
Our business in this healthy & halal tour is more than 10 years, so we understand how to provide the best tour with a vegetarian, vegan or halal lifestyle. We also have various tourist destinations that serve both domestic and international tourist destinations.
Is the price of the tour package at Klix Tour & Travel negotiable?
Our price is pretty competitive because it is only excluded of visa fees and personal expenses. And if you still want a lower price, don't worry, we may discuss about the price and find the best option for you.
Can we extend the itinerary?
Can we extend the itinerary? Extend or deviation can be done, as long as the conditions for flight tickets and hotel rooms are still available. All fees arising from this extend will be charged to participants and payment must be completed before departure.
What if there is no date that matches the vacation plan, can you make the desired date?
You can make special requests for tour packages according to the desired date. The request will be processed then will be provided as soon as possible.
Departure from the other city outside Jakarta?
All of our tours depart from Jakarta. For participants who are outside the city of Jakarta, the flight ticket from the city of origin to Jakarta is borne by the participant. Klix travel can help find these tickets.
How to order tickets, hotel reservation, travel documents or travel insurance at Klix Tour & Travel?
You can contact our telephone number : + 62 21 532 7305 or contact our whatsapp number : + 62 878 0012 3516, our staffs are ready to help you.
How to cancel paid hotel reservation?
Every hotel booking that has been paid off cannot be cancelled, refund or rescheduled
How to cancel flight ticket that was purchased?
Cancel, refund or reschedule flight tickets is allowed based on airlines terms and conditions.
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